APRA AMCOS Emily Burrows Award

The Emily Burrows award of $5,000 is given each year to further the professional development of an emerging original musical artist or group.

PLEASE NOTE: Any artist or band that applies for a South Australian Music Award can opt-in to be in the running to win the APRA AMCOS Emily Burrows Award. MusicSA highly encourages each artist to do so, and take advantage of this generous potential prize offering.

APRA AMCOS is proud to perpetuate the memory of Emily Burrows. Emily Burrows was an exceptional young Adelaide woman whose work within the local music industry assisted and inspired many. She died in September 2000 after a tragic accident in a freak storm in the Adelaide hills, one day after her 25th birthday.

Emily was a lover of music from a very early age, and her interest in the creation and performance of music never waned over her 25 years. She was always ready to support, encourage and promote not only existing writers and performers but also those who were just starting out in the business. Her dedication encouraged many of her friends to also rally behind emerging artists, and her advice and helpful nature, especially evident during her employment with APRA as a membership representative and later on as a compliance officer, saw her befriend many up and coming South Australian musicians and writers.

List of past winners:

2001 – Gone To Earth

2002 – Hilltop Hoods

2003 – Special Patrol

2004 – Foreshore

2005 – Pharaohs

2006 – Mere Theory

2007 – Huckleberry Swedes

2008 -The Fiddle Chicks

2009 – Poetikool Justice

2010 – The Touch

2011 – Melody Feder

2012 – The Beards

2013 – The Timbers

2014 – Kaurna Cronin

2015 РPaige Renee Court // MANE

2016 – Electric Fields

2017 – Donarrumma

2018 – Oliver English

2019 – DEAD ROO

2020 – SEABASS

2021 – Tilly Tjala Thomas
2022 – Molly Rocket